2004 Summer Tower Work

Quick Index This year wasn’t nearly as busy as the Summer of 2003, the only real change this year was the replacement of the 15m stack with new M-Squared antennas.  The hard part was done in 2003 with the removal of the monster 8 element Telrex Yagi, after that moving all the little 4 element ones was a snap.

This sequence just shows the process of removing and reinstalling the 15m stack.

The old stack with me at 90’

Someone playing with the camera settings while I am on the ring at 60’

Removing the South antenna

N1SR hardly at work on a tag line

Removing the 60’ antenna

These were badly balanced designs

The far away view

Still on its way down

Removing the 90’ antenna, note universal wrench hanging below me

Closeup of rigging, note how far back balance point is and loop over element to tilt it down from guys

This one balanced a bit better

Going Down!

Rigging the top one.

It’s a long way down on an empty tower.

Putting up the new one at 60’, it was too windy that day to do the top ones.

South one in place, this is installing the one on the ring rotor at 30’