The file dx2home.exe should be placed in a directory that is in your dos path

If you do not have enough memory to sort your homenode.lst put the line:
set pcsavmem=0
if your autoexec.bat.  this allows more free memory when you execute a dos
command from within the cluster program.

you must have done  enable/console_logging  to capture the data needed by
this program.  if you don't specify a file on the enable/console_logging command
the default file  console.log will be generated.  this is also the default file
that dx2home.exe will look for.

use the command:
dx2home -h
dx2home ?
to get more help on how to change the file name and manually adjust the 
memory usage.  this program now allocates all available memory, this should
take care of most situations.  the command line parameters for memory control
probably aren't needed any more, but if you run out of memory you might give
them a try.

this program will take a while to execute so i recommend doing it late at
night.  adding the lines:

dos/nowait dx2home >dx2home.log
filesend/* dx2home.log
sysops callsign
delete/* dx2home.log
erase/* console.log

to your daily.cmd file will run the program, create a log file, then mail
the log file to the sysop for review for errors.  it will also clean up 
the temporary log file and the console.log file.

If you have more questions you can contact me at:
David Robbins
15 Baumann Rd
Peru, Ma. 01235