K1TTT Technical Reference

This is the AO model file used for the beam.

80-meter Inv V Beam
above Ground 
3.500 MHz
4 copper wires, feet

;basic parameters
Hgt = 150		;height of boom
Len = 65		;length of elements
boom =22		;half length of boom
slope  =30/58		;drop per length of wire
slope' =50/58		;run per length of wire

;calculated parameters
btm = Hgt-(Len*slope)	;height of bottom of element
end = Len*slope'	;horizontal distance to end of element

;layout of elements
;order of columns:
;nr of pieces, x,y,z, x',y',z', size of wire
1    boom   0  Hgt       boom  -end   btm    #10
1    boom   0  Hgt       boom   end   btm    #10
1   -boom   0  Hgt      -boom  -end   btm    #10
1   -boom   0  Hgt      -boom   end   btm    #10

;location of feedpoint
1 source
Wire 1, End1

;definition of load for reflector
1 load
L1 = 5.5		;size of inductive load
Wire 3, End1 L1 uH Q=200