K1TTT Technical Reference

Breaking free rusted joints, the USCG way!

   I have seen quite a bit of talk about using liquid wrench or WD40 to

break free rusted bolts or tower sections.  If that doesn't do the trick,

let me recommend a trick we use at work that always does the trick....

   I work at a boiler plant at the USCG "boot camp" in Cape May NJ.  We

often have bolts or pipe fittings that need to be broken free that are so

"stuck" that even doubling up wrenches or breaker bars won't help.  We heat

up the joint and once it gets hot touch some parafin wax against it.  The

heat melts the wax and wicks it into the joint.  The combination of the

heat and wax makes it possible to break it free, and it has never failed us

even with 4" pipe unions that are 20 years old.

   It may be difficult and dangerous to do this up a tower, but with a

small propane torch I'm sure it can be done safetly.  Of course with rusted

U bolts it is probably easier to just break off the nuts and replace them...



Hope this can help someone....


73, Dave N2NL