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How Pulleys work

K7LXC@aol.com wrote:


>     I prefer to have the pulley roosterhead pointed mostly down the tower

> where the section will be hoisted and slightly towards the tower. This offers


i prefer to have it about 90 degrees from pointing straight out from the tower.

but this is using a rohn gin pole, it may be easier at other angles depending

on how much of the pulley is exposed on yours.


> the least friction for hoisting. When the rope is pulled through the pulley

> at an angle, it increases the friction and difficulty. If your ginpole and

> tower section are rigged correctly, there should be enough slack to try 2

> different leg orientations for fit.


this is one thing that shouldn't be necessary.  before hoisting any section

i always fit the sections together in the order they will be stacked on the

ground first.  i have found this to save countless hours in the air trying

to fit together slightly different or bent ends.  this is especially important

if the sections are pre-owned, but even new ones can get dinged in transport

and not fit perfectly.  what i do is pick the first section and lay it next to

the tower.  then take the second section and fit it to the top of that one.

after any adjustment take them apart and keeping the leg orientation the same

lay the second one next to the first one.  i then repeat the process for all

the other sections so i end up with a nice row of sections that i know all fit

together one specific way.  if i always put the ginpole on the leg that was

on top, and always tie the rope to the top leg in the row of pre-fit towe there

is never a question that they will slide together easily in the air.(as long as

you are careful and don't bang the ends when you lift them up!)  if you don't

have room to lay them all out you can do this one at a time, just fit the next

section to the top of the one you are lifting before it goes up, just remember

to keep the leg orientation consistant.



David Robbins K1TTT (ex KY1H)