K1TTT Technical Reference

FRCRULES@aol.com wrote:
> So the questions are: (1) Do you use DVK/DVP from a multi environment?
>                                       especially DX Multi

yes, use dvp's on all 6 stations here.  wouldn't be without them here.
it really saves the throat and also cuts down the noise in the shack
a bit, especially during slow times(probably not a problem for you).
but allowing it to send the report and qrz is nice.  the dvp is much
nicer since you don't have to move your hands off the keyboard with ct.

>                                 (2) Any R.F. or other problems??
>                                 (3) VOX or footswitch  (this ones for me)
depends, i like a hand switch when things are slow, i keep missing the
footswitch when i relax(again, probably not a problemfor you).  but
when things get busy i always use vox.  (just remember, vox can be a
problem in a small noisy shack though)

>                                 (4) Shielding required on DVK ? (I use just
> torroids from a SO)
i had ot use some toroids and foil here to shield wires for the dvk.
nothing special for the dvp though.

>                                 (5) Are rates better or worse with DVK/DVP
is probably up to the operator, if he is used to the dvp/dvk he should
be able to run just as fast with it as without.  you do have to watch
about falling into the keyboard rut and playing a longer than needed
qrz every time.  what i have found is that if you program in a 'qrz this
is k1ttt' and you keep using it when the rate gets high you are wasting
time... if you aren't using it you naturally switch from the longer
message to just 'qrz k1ttt' or  just 'k1ttt' when there is a pileup.  on
the dvp i will program a variety of messages for qrz and cq and when 
things get hot just use the 'mycall' button to only send the call
instead of a full qrz message.

k1ttt@arrl.net   or   robbins@arrl.net